Frenzal Rhomb

Well, finally out of classes! (^-^)/
Today I handed out the last reports and now I have two months of freedom~
I'll be spending February with my mom, going to Sapporo's Snow Festival this thursday~friday, going to Taiwan during the Chinese New Year, and finally going to Kansai to show my mom around Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Kobe... Before she goes back to Colombia at the beginning of March.

But then, back to the subject of the blog...
Last week a friend got an email from PETA to help out handing out leaflets at a Frenzal Rhomb (an Australian Punk Band whose members are all veggie!) concert here in Tokyo, so I end up going there Friday night. I could meet the band
which was great (they are such great wonderful people, specially Lindsay (he looks really different to this pic now :p) and Tom who we talked more with). I have to say the place was so small, and it was so crowded and full of smoke that I didnt enjoyed it that much, but it was fun to talk with the band, go around handing leaflets, talking to people who knew the band and where willing to know more about Factory Farms and Animal-Right Issues, and even a Japanese band talking against Fur while at stage, and then talking to us to get some leaflets to hand out at their other shows. Frenzal Rhomb's show was quite good as well (though I guess I dont like screaming music :p), except for the naked guy in the audience... :s

The best thing was, that Lindsay end up arranging things so that we could go Saturday to the Independence D, where many bands where playing, at a bigger more open place (so not so crowded, and no smoke :). And well, Saturday we were not handing out leaflets around, but just next to the merchandise table, so we had more free time to go around, see the bands playing, and it was really great. Could only hear like three bands but kind of liked two of them... Good4Nothing, and LoveDrug. And the people at these concerts is definitely so much more receptive than people walking along the street! Definitely people need to be more open about the way they see the world, and not take everything just like it is~

And I should continue helping out PETA more... who know maybe someday they'll ask me to help them out at an Avril Lavigne (who is veg), Simple Plan (who already did a no-fur campaign with them), Pink, Moby, etc... concert! :p Yeah I know, not probable but anyway, anyhow just keep up the work/fun for the animals! and a more compassionate world! :)

"Meet Moby" - by HSUS


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