Sunday, October 29, 2006

Friends, Veggie Food, Earth Garden, Free Hugs = :D:D:D

After an amusing hiking around Tokyo on Saturday, Sunday couldn't stay behind!
Definitely not when I had friend's company, veggie food, many things to see, free hugs to receive and more friends to meet! and many other great things!

I met with Erika (a new foreign student from USA (with Japanese parents) who is veggie - it seems weird to write about someone knowing that the person will read it... ハローエリカ!:p) at kinshicho, for lunch at "It's vegetable", a really nice and delicious Taiwanese vegan restaurant I really enjoy recommending to everyone I know :). After lunch we decided to go to Earth Garden, and so we headed to Harajuku station.
As every Sunday, the first thing you see in Harajuku (other than lots of people) is (lots of) funny and crazy dressing people... but this time there was more people than usual, and I was feeling more like a curious tourist than someone living in Japan, so it was really fun to look at all the crazy people, taking them pics, and actually taking pics together. Its funny how shy they can be when you actually try to talk to them... :p

Before heading to Yoyogi Park (where the Earth Garden was being held) we entered Meiji Shrine, a place I really like in Tokyo because of all the trees, the quietness, the sound of birds, and the feeling of traditional Japanese culture... which this time included a wedding ceremony, another ceremony inside the shrine, many flowers and gifts from different places around Japan, and kids wearing Kimono.

on our way to Yoyogi Park we saw the famous Elvis' dancers, who meet every weekend to dance...

we also saw some of the street musicians, and a crazy super star... :s?

When we got to Earth Garden (an event like Earth Day to promote ecological, organic, compassionate lifestyle), I had a really nice surprise!!! Just when I saw the "Free Hugs" sign, I didnt need to think it even once, before going to hug them!!! I was so happy!
I had actually show the video to many friends, and I had ask a Japanese friend how could you say "free hugs" in Japanese (not finding a good translation), and had actually spoken with a friend of how much we wanted to try doing it in Japan (not really sure about how Japanese people would react...), so seeing Japanese doing it was the best!!! and now I will definitely join them some day to hug people and brighten up someone's day! Thanks Juan Mann for starting this! and all you people for being out there!

Events like Earth Day, Earth Garden, and all this are really really great, it is so nice to feel surrounded by people who share your way of thinking, meetings friends, seeing how little by little more and more people decide to live a compassionate and ecological life, is really great! there is still many things to learn, and many things to do...
After going around the festival, talking to some of the people, buying some veggie curry, and eggless mayonnaise, enjoying the atmosphere, it was time to go to meet with my friends from Osaka at Shinjuku. But before taking the train... one last pic with the Pokemon (Pikachu) girls! :p
Thanks Erika for a great day! you may probably think I'm crazy hugging strange people and all... jaja :D

some random pictures at Shinjuku station, there is too too many people!!!

At Shinjuku I met Bihong, Stephanie and Kim, for a nice chat under the sky outside Starbucks... it is always so nice to meet friends, who even when we cannot meet often, after having spent one year together are pretty much my family here in Japan! and then after Fanny went, Sue joined us, and we had dinner before Bihong and Sue went back to Osaka... hope to see you guys soon! (at my place... jaja :p) and dont forget about Karaoke... Kim and Fanny!

so that you know who is who... up: Stephanie (Fanny), Bi Hong, and me
below: Sue, Bi Hong and me (in the mirror :p), Kim

Tokyo Hiking

On Saturday we had a class excursion around Tokyo. After being out of Japan for two months, I guess now I can see Japan with different eyes... not the usual, "too many people, too many buildings" kind of way, but the "so many different and new things, so strange, so curious" kind of way!
And, well I think I really like this new way of looking at Tokyo! but, as it seems to be that I write too much, this time I will let the pictures talk... (even when I feel like writing a lot... but lets leave that for the blog about Sunday :p)
Now that I think about it, I think the happy face (which was the first picture of the weekend when I was going to the meeting point for the excursion) may have helped with the different way of looking at things...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

BPE - Paris II

Aug 19...
Our second day in Paris was about visiting the famous places... walking (once again a lot) and taking the funny pictures! enjoy...Notredame... its completely amazing... how could they build something so great, without using all the technology we have now a days (with which we dont usually do such great things)? All the arcs, stones, bricks in the ceiling, the walls, the windows... guess there is really no way to describe it. It must have been so dark at that time... with no electricity and only the light coming in from the stained glasses...

After going to Notredame and walking around the river, with the sand, and the volleyballs field trying to make it look like a summer beach, we went to the Latin Quarter, where we had a really nice lunch at Maoz... and then with "barriga llena, corazon contento" we continued our way through the Luxembourg Gardens, the observatory, many streets, and then heading towards the Eiffel tower.

Peace 平和 Paz

And here they are... the funny pictures! First: capoeristic picture! (sorry I didnt find a famous monument in Ireland... :s) Below... ok, this took us so much time!!! and so much energy!!! we had to try almost 10 times before the two of us were actually in the air! but it was worth it! and we gave some good reason to laugh to a couple who were sitting and looking at us with a big smile in their faces... :p

And then after going across the Champ de Mars, to the Palais de Challot, we found another demonstration against Israel invasion of Lebanon. This time most of them were Lebanese, and they were dancing and having a good time I think. The one thing that I found really strange was... the Venezuelan flag in the wall! and a woman carrying a picture of Chavez! really... now I wonder if that flag had 7 or 8 stars... oh yeah... he actually changed the flag! probably including Cuba... (anyway thats a different topic...) and elections are coming... (not that i expect things will actually change, but there is always hope)
oh, and the other strange thing was... the yellow flags... there is actually a gun in the flag... so, like my sister said... how can they be hoping for peace, with a gun in their flag? I usually tend to blame Bush about all the wars, but yeah, things like this make you actually wonder...