Sunday, October 15, 2006


Fuji-Q!!! Last thursday just when I heard my friends at Capoeira talked about going there I decided to join right away! Last semester we wanted so much to go with some friends from the dorm, but at the end we never found the right date to go... so I couldn't miss this chance!

Sunday started really early, as we wanted to get there before the opening time (9am), and it takes more than 2 hours by car... I slept on the way but when we got there I couldn't be more happy. There was this huge roller coaster just on the entrance (King of Coasters Fujiyama), but just after buying our tickets and taking the picture that is printed in each persons ticket we headed to the new roller coaster "ええじゃないか" (Eejanaika)... I though at first it was an inverted rolling coaster, but when I looked at the rail there was something strange about it. It seemed to be a normal roller coaster in some parts and inverted in others...?? then the train came... I had never seen a train like that... it was so wide... when I looked better at it I could see the sits where kind of hanging on both sides of the central part of the train, and then it started to go down... what???? the sits were moving!!! rotating!!! while the train went really fast along the rails...!!! This wouldn't be a normal roller coaster ride!

After a two hours wait, we were in the platform... Ai-chan was really scared, but even so she went up... just after going out of the platform the sits rotated, leaving us looking at the sky for the whole way up... this is going way too high!!! and I had no idea when I was going to go down... but, just before the fall started the sits rotated making us face down! all the way to the floor for half of the vertical fall after which I just cannot remember what happen... it was so scary... and I had no idea what would come next or even where I was facing...! I couldnt even scream... it was rough, but at the end we were back at the platform alive!
Even when I was so scared the first time, I had the impression it could be actually a really great ride if you knew what to expect... which was actually true, as my second ride (just before leaving the park) was great!!! and I could even remember where the camera was... but still couldnt take my hands away from the handles... maybe the next time...?

Ai-chan, Hana-chan and me lining up for Eejanaika (you can see the train with the sits facing up on the back), and below is the ceiling of the platform... ええ〜!

After going to Eejanika, we went to this giant "frisbee pendulum" (Tondemina) that rotates while it goes from one side to the other. It actually feels great! you can feel so light, and have such a great view of the sky (not so nice when you go down heading the floor though... :p).

Then it was Fujiyama! At the time of its building it was the tallest, faster roller coaster in the world. And it is long!!! On the way up the 70 meters drop we had such a great view, with a clear sky and the Mount Fuji in the back (without snow though)... Then it began... it was really fun going down and up so many times... and I could go all the way with my hands up, but actually not completely up because sometimes the poles just seem to be too close so I put my hands half the way up for the rest of the ride... :p as you can see below... :p

The rest of the day (which wasnt much because of the long wait time for the roller coasters) we went to other small attractions, being the one for kids the more fun. While we were making the line for the second ride on Eejanaika, we took turns to go to small attractions, and I went with Ai-chan and Hana-chan to this ride with small boats, and we were so scared of getting wet that it was so fun! Hana-chan was scared by a fake bear making noise on the side of the ride, and at the end of the way up before the fall there was this really funny looking ogre that we couldnt stop laughing at, before trying to squeeze ourselves in the boat not to get wet!

It was in the end a really great day!!! So much fun!
Looking forward for my next ride at Eejanaika, and hopefully that time I will be able to ride Dodonpa as well... oh, and enter the scary house (actually it seems to be a Hospital so I cannot imagine how scary it must be), but then I should wait for Laila to come with me... :p

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