BPE - Scotland Highlands

Aug 10...
The Highlands... the last time I came to England I could only go a little bit northern than Edinburgh, so I (and my sis as well) wanted so much to go all the way up to Loch Ness, and enjoy the Scottish landscape. So, we decided to take a one day tour all the way up taking us to Glencoe, Fort William, going along the Loch Ness when we visit the ruins of a castle and of course we got the chance to meet Nessie (and its family and friends as well...), and then up to Inverness to head south towards Edinburgh... It was a long journey, mostly in the bus, but we got the chance to see great landscapes, deers, highland cows, small towns, etc... The Highlands are so broad and there is so few people living there! Along the way we could see people walking along paths with their backpacks, just taking their time to enjoy the countryside... I hope someday I can do the same all around Colombia...

Hamish!!! (<--that was his name) A beautiful, big hairy Highland cow (bull?)!

Loch Ness... Nessie's house!!! Below we have one of Nessie's cousins... visiting from far away lands. :)

This is Nessie's little brother! He is really proud of being Scottish! :p

And of course... Nessie!!! running (well, actually floating) away from all the tourists :p

A beautiful garden, before taking the road back to Edinburgh...


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