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2011 is here!

Happy New Year fellows!

It's amazing how fast the 2010 went by, and how its been already almost 2 years since I last updated this blog.

A whole lot has happened since then...

*Started a Master Program in Sustainability Sciences in Tokyo University, which I ended up quitting last year not feeling satisfied with the structure of the program and the way it was managed, and having not being convinced myself of actually wanting to do more research-based studies when I started it... but anyhow, not something I want to go into detail right now.

*I started living with Kai since August 2009, and after a few months living together we decided to get engaged! (Well it was me who proposed, but we had talked about it for a while :D)

*From April to June, I joined Peace Boat's 69 Cruise around-the-world, as a volunteer "Communication Coordinator", doing translation and interpretation between English, Spanish and Japanese during events, lectures, seminars, workshops, tours, exchange progr…

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