2011 is here!

Happy New Year fellows!

It's amazing how fast the 2010 went by, and how its been already almost 2 years since I last updated this blog.

A whole lot has happened since then...

*Started a Master Program in Sustainability Sciences in Tokyo University, which I ended up quitting last year not feeling satisfied with the structure of the program and the way it was managed, and having not being convinced myself of actually wanting to do more research-based studies when I started it... but anyhow, not something I want to go into detail right now.

*I started living with Kai since August 2009, and after a few months living together we decided to get engaged! (Well it was me who proposed, but we had talked about it for a while :D)

*From April to June, I joined Peace Boat's 69 Cruise around-the-world, as a volunteer "Communication Coordinator", doing translation and interpretation between English, Spanish and Japanese during events, lectures, seminars, workshops, tours, exchange programs, etc, happening on-board and on the ports we visited. An incredible experience!!! that I still have to look back on and reflect upon.

*After coming back from Peace Boat, Kai and I had our wedding in September in Colombia, with all her family and all my family (including my big extended family :p) together having an amazing time. Then, in October we had a wonderful party in Tokyo, Japan, with so many of our special loved friends celebrating with us.

Some things haven't changed though... I still work for IKEA. But mean-while, and having quit the master program and since it is still my dream to have a vegan cafe someday, I decided to look for opportunities to get some experience. And so from this month I started working at a cafe in Omotesando called PURE CAFE. It is really nice, with a great atmosphere and delicious healthy food, although a little bit pricey because of the location.

Today was my first day, and it went much better than I expected. Well, didn't really know what to expect... but I got to learn a lot of things in just one day, and I am really looking forward to learn more, although there is lots of stuff to remember.

That's my update for now, hopefully there will be many things to post about this new year, and if not, there is hundreds of stories to tell about the incredible year we have left behind.

I do hope to keep updating often, so spare a visit when you can.

Cheers, wishing the best for all of you for this 2011.
May you explore new territories and (re)discover dreams/passions that you had, or never knew you had.


Really nice to hear all about what you have been doing Juan:) Your wife is just lovely:) I hope your dreams of a vegan cafe come true! The Peace Boat trip must have been just amazing! big free hugs to you:)

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