Summer is here... in IKEA. :p

Today I finished my induction training at IKEA which lasted for two days and a half, most of the time just sitting watching powerpoint presentations about IKEA's history, way, structure, different departments, safety & security and so on. Sitting watching the screen was pretty tiring, but it was quite interesting as well, touring the whole store, getting to understand how it all works, and having the chance to meet lots of people (we had the training together with people from different departments, different stores (there will be 3 new stores in Japan this year), and both part and full time workers).

I had already worked for about 2 weeks (5 times) before the training, so it helped me understand much better what I had learned from my coworkers during those days, and specially it gave me a much clearer idea of what the IKEA way and culture is. Which I have to say I really really like.

When I started working I spent lots of time googling about IKEA, because I wanted to be sure I was not working for somekind of Swedish Walmart (sorry but I am sure I am not the only one that have ever consider IKEA like that... just look at that huge building! and those prices), but I was happy not to find anything bad, and to realize low prices do not mean less worker benefits, environmental destruction and so on.

In fact, they seem to be trying to improve constantly in a lots of ways, and after working there for a few days I am sure that at least the IKEA stores are a great place to work. Specially here in Japan! Until now I had all but considered even the idea of working here in Japan (the whole image of the "japanese salary-man" was enough for me) or even at big company anywhere, and I just wanted to work part time in IKEA because I like their products and its not so far from my place, but working there for just a few days has really open my eyes to new possibilities and opportunities, which I will have to think about more...


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