Moving Down

This weekend I am moving out, or well, in fact, I am just moving downstairs to another room in the same building. So before everyone asks me why I move out to the same place, I thought I'd write about it.

I have been living here for already almost 2 years, I just knew this was the place I wanted to live in when I enter the room and saw the high roof and the window up there that made the room look much more open and clear. Plus the fact that it had a loft (I used to sleep in lofts all the time when I was living in Bucaramanga, and even in Bogota I used to sleep in the upper bed of the bunk bed I used to share with my big brother) and it cost only ¥37000 a month made me choose this place even when it wasn't so close to university (its still only 15 minutes by bike, but of all my classmates who go to university walking or by bike, I am the one who lives the farthest).

Anyway, this semester has been really stressful, with the design studio project, and being so busy working in it, staying at university all night, and so on, my room was getting really messy all the time, and I was getting tired of coming back from uni late at night (or early in the morning should I say). So I just felt like I needed to move out, to just refresh and start again. Its what Japanese call 「気分転換」, or something like starting a new life. Most Japanese will probably just buy a new cellphone when they want to start a new life, but that wouldn't work for me (in fact I have already lose my cellphone twice...), so I just decided I would move out.

First I was looking at rooms near my uni and Matsudo station, and I found one that I thought I liked (those guys at the Agency know how to convince you!), so I fill out the form to reserve the room, and canceled by contract in the room I was (am) living. But after a weekend with more time to think about it, I just realized how much I like this place, and specially how used I am to this neighborhood...

The two indian restaurants with nice and good priced Dal and Vegetable Curry and friendly staff, the small natural bakery that uses 国産小麦 (flour produced in Japan) , its delicious bread (they even have Vegetable Curry Bread!) and where they already know I am vegan and always tell me if a new bread has milk or egg in it, the 2 八百屋 (vegetable stores) where I can buy cheap vegetables and fruits and smile with the 元気 old ladies shouting around, the 手打ちそば restaurant in a very nice traditional house (which I have only been twice to, but I just like to see it on my way back), the nice bar in the corner of the station with the surfing boards and the palm in the entrance (which I have never been to, but I always say I have to go to when someone visits me), the big nice park 25 minutes walking from here where I used to go whenever I had a free day (now I am becoming Japanese and I carry a schedule with me all the time, so not so many free days lately) and so on...

So I just felt really 懐かしい about it, and I figured out it was better just to stay in the same room. But when I went to talk with the agency, they told me they had already rent it to someone else from March... So I asked if they had another room available in the same building, and that's how and why I am moving down. And even the price goes down (well just ¥1000) but that's good. And well the high roof also goes down, but since this room is in one of the corners
I get a really nice window on one of the side walls. So all in all I am happy with the moving out (or down)!

Come and visit me sometime soon~ :)


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