2008... will it actually bring some change?

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a great time during the holydays, had a good rest, and are ready for enjoying and making the best of this new year.

This year brings with a really big hope for change for the world because we cant deny the influence the USA president has over so many issues: the environment, economy, human rights, security, terrorism, culture clashes, and so on...

I was quite happy to hear Obama won the Iowa caucus, and is probably winning the NH primary, most probably becoming the nominate for the democratic party, and hopefully president, since well he seems to be able to bring some change to the USA government.
But then I came accross this video of the New Hampshire debate, where the first question is about.... you guess... war, terrorism, Osama bin Laden, and military action.
I dont care how hypothetical the situation is, or how certain your intelligence service is about Osama bin Laden's hide-away. STOP talking about the possibility of yet another military invasion by the USA government on a foreign country!!!
I mean how bad is the hunger for war in the USA politics (or economy/corporartions to make it more clear), that they seem not to be able to stop thinking about military action for one second!?!?
Do they really think that if they kill Osama bin Laden the terrorist threats to the USA will finish? Really, why cant these people get it?

I really thought (and still think) Obama becoming president would be a whole much better than another republican, or for that matter, better than Hillary (and probably Edwards -dont really know much about him). But I guess none of them would really bring the deep changes that the whole world needs and is looking for in the USA government.

And it seems to be that the only candidate out there that actually makes some sense, Dennis Kucinich with his "Strength Through Peace" message, is simply unelectable for the press (and corporate America). But really, I am sure I am not the only one who would love to see one-day an environmentalist, pacifist and, on top of that, vegan person leading a country (specially the USA), am I? Is that so "hippie" to even accept that its definitely better than people who would start yet another invasion just for fear?


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