Monday, March 10, 2008


I am at my university studio now and I was just speaking with a friend who is entering the same lab as I will be entering, and it seems to be that we will be pretty much free until May... I was expecting my last year at uni to be pretty free but having heard so much about how some Japanese teachers make you be at the lab even when there is nothing to do I didnt really know what to expect. Now on the other hand not hearing anything at all about what we are supposed to do next year (starting in April) is making me a little bit confused...

Anyway, I am pretty much sure about what I want to research for my thesis, so I guess I just need to talk directly to my teacher about it, and then just do all the research and study by my own, on my own timing, which is just the way I like to do it :) Then I have to see if I can actually do a thesis project about Leticia (a city in the Colombian Amazon), which I would really love to do, but being Colombia so far it may be difficult to find all the necessary information and so on. On the other hand, I am really looking forward for the Ecocity World Summit in San Francisco at the end of April, where I am sure I will learn lots of things, meet wonderful people, and be even more motivated to do my research and project, and who knows if I find some idea that attracts me even more.

Being free then also means that I will have free time to play around, meet friends, and then of course work because otherwise I cannot play around so much :p (oh! and I cant forget to study for the master's entry test... :s haha)

So, today I started one part-time job at a community design office in Tokyo, which means doing all the hand work and computer work left, but its actually a really good way of seeing how such a company works and I actually like cutting stuff and working with photoshop and illustrator (otherwise I wouldnt be able to study design I guess :p) so its all good~
Plus today I also went for a job interview at IKEA, and so if all goes well I will be working at IKEA as well, playing around with nice furniture and stuff~ (<= that's my idea about work haha)

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