BPE - Ireland/Dublin

Aug 16-17...
From Galway, we took our way toward the east (Dublin)... Even at 8~9 am, when most of the people are driving to their jobs, John who was going to a job meeting on another town gave us a lift. A trucker gave as a short lift to another small town, from there we started to walk towards Clomacnoise (the ruins of an old christian settlement)... It was a really small road and not very transited road, so we end up walking hour and a half with our backpacks, until a lady took pity of us and gave as a lift for the one mile left...

We had lunch (our usual bread and canned beans) there, and we went around the place, with all the crosses, churches, and a really nice view of the countryside around. We didnt want to walk back again, so we asked two women who were leaving if they could give as a ride... They were two really nice and funny sisters, who made jokes of each other, and of the times they were young and went backpacking, hitching, and travelling around just like we were doing... :D They left us in the same town John had. There were some road works in the way, so there was only one way traffic at a time, which was really good for us, as many cars passed slowly and could see us... so in less than 10 minutes we were heading towards Dublin with two Nigerian guys. We were not planning to go to Dublin that day, because then we wouldnt be able to camp, so we stay in a town before, and pitched our tent in a big field after checking there were no cows (and bulls) in it... :p

Next day we went to Dublin, walked around the small city center, Trinity College, some parks, the Irish history museum, churches, etc... the usual things you see in cities... (yeah, we did definitely liked countryside much more than cities!!!) and at night we headed to the airport were we spent the night before taking the flight to Paris early in the morning.


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