Long time~

Hadnt post for quite a long time already... busy going around, playing, meeting people, participating in peace walks, meetings, studying and learning lots of things that somehow they dont really teach you in school.
Today I had the design presentation I had been working in during last week, so now I have free time back again. But already with lots of things to do. Yesterday I went to an interview with Conservation International for an internship offered by Sonpo Japan, and tomorrow I'll have another one with Ecoplus (a small environmental NGO working with kids around the world), so hopefully I'll be going there to help out with all the work for 8 months until January. It will be great if I get the opportunity to work with CI, since they are also working in Colombia, and its the kind of NGO I'll like to work/create when I get back to Colombia (among many other things I'll like to do). The woman from CI was really nice, and seem to be interested in what I had to say, so I hope I get accepted. It was funny though cause it was somehow an informal interview, with 4 students, the CI staff, and a woman from Sonpo Japan, and they asked us to talk about our interests, and things we are doing and all... so I end up talking about GOGO project, Candle Night, Capoeira, and even Free Hugs... at least I made them laugh with all the crazy things I was talking about, but I realized I'm being involved in so many things that when someone asks me what I'm interested in, I just dont know where to begin, and probably wont stop talking... :p
I still could talk about Peace Walks, Animal Rights Activism, Couchsurfing, GNH, etc etc...

The good thing is, that thanks to all of these things I have not only learned so many new things, but I've also met great people, and it has even become a good way to become closer to my friends at uni, and see things in a more positive way, cause I've been able to meet people who share my own ideals, and have really understood that in the end change, peace and love starts within us, and lately it really seems to be spreading around.


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