Summer rain

Summer is here, an so is the rainy season... hot and humid, that's Japanese Summer, and it is just from now that it starts to become really humid. It just got to 30 degrees this week, and it will certainly get higher, and the worst thing is when you go out (in?) to the city it can feel almost like 40 degrees because of the heat island effect (caused by all the cars, air conditioning, buildings, pavement, and lack of greenery and wind). There is actually this thing called something like "summer nights record" that has been going up recently which is the number of nights in Tokyo when the temperature doesnt go below 30 degrees... horrible!

That's probably the reason why I have run away from Japan every summer holydays in August and September, but I still have to bear the heat during the test season in July... at least I can go through it looking forward to going (back?) to Colombia after two years and meeting my family, friends and my dogs! (yeah of course, the dogs are as important as the rest of the family... :p and the most importan thing: I cannot talk with them by phone or by mail)

I was actually planning to spend August in Japan travelling to Hokkaido or something but my sis is getting marry so no way I would miss the wedding (or my sis would forgive me if I do :p). So after going to summersonic on August 11, dancing and jumping to BEP's, Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani, Sum41, etc, and spending the weekend with Yuri (for those not updated, Yuri is my girlfriend since around one month ago - yeah I know what I used to say about Japanese girls, but I always talked about the "typical superficial Japanese girls", and there is always exceptions, specially for someone who is just as environmetalist, pacifist, naturalist and other ist's (idealist?) as I am), anyway, after that I will depart to Colombia, making a 2 nights stop in Caracas to meet some friends and see by myself the probably not so nice reality of Venezuela.

And then back to Colombia. I was reading Andrew's blog about his travel to Malaysia after 2 years without going and it make me realize it will also be 2 years for me, and it does actually feel more like a trip than a going back. At least it will probably help me think about what I want to do after I graduate, wether to continue studying the Master here in Japan, or going back to Colombia. It probably depends on lots of things in the end, but it is kind of confusing not to know where I'll be in 2 years...

Anyway, going to eat now. Wil write later about more recent stuff~


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