BPE - Switzerland

Sept 4

After an early start packing our tent, we were ready to start our trip around Switzerland, using the train pass our brother gave us, and our backpackable house to visit some of the most wonderful landscapes in Europe~
On our first day we visited St Gallen and the funny bears around its streets. Everything was still closed, and then we headed to Mainfield, by petition of my sister who couldn't miss visiting Heidi's hometown~ So we visited the house, and went up the mountain just like Heidi did, and there we were surrounded by cows with a spectacular view of the valley before us and the sound of the cow's bells. In such a european landscape there was no other choice but to eat "Bocadillo" Coombiano to gain strenght and start our way down to the train station, from where we headed to St Moritz, our camping site for the day.


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