Felices Fiestas!

Long time without posting... good reason is my mother has arrived! So I have really enjoyed this year's holydays!!! It has been so great to have my mom here, after one year and a half since I went back to Colombia last summer, and share so many things with her, talking, laughing, hugging, walking, etc... It is so different when you live by yourself... and I had actually forgotten how close was I with my mom, so it is really really great to have this almost three months she will stay here to be together. I have to plan a lot of things, and start studying for the tests and final works in January so that I can go around with her. We plan to go to Taiwan in February and to Kansai (Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Nara) after that... by the time March arrives I think I will be so used to hung with my mom all the time that it will feel really lonely after she leaves... But for now I dont want to think about it, just enjoy everyday I have!

My mother brought lots of nice Colombian things for my room, and as gifts for my friends, but for now she just made my teddy-dog become hippie with all the bracelets and things :p and the one below is a really nice puppet of an Arhuaco indian.

Hallacas!!! from Venezuela! I was really worried about whether they would be able to make it all the way to Japan, or some of the police in America will end up eating it :p Below, Candle Night at my Campus the next night after my mom came.

Around Ueno Park

Christmas (Vegan) Chocolate Cake! cooked using the rice-cooker.


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