Dennis Kucinich

I remember 3 years ago, many people around the world saying how since the USA government seems to affect so many people around the world, all the people in the world should be able to have the right to elect it. Well, we may not have the right to vote since we are not USA citizens, but as long as the USA government wants to get involved in every countries' issues, we all have a say in its elections.

But anyway, in this post I dont want to talk about the big ones... (according to the media at least)

I just want to say I find it so relieving to see a candidate in there that seems for once to be embracing peace, within the USA, with other nations, with the environment, and even with animals. Who seems true to his principles and not the corporations' ones. And who gives a voice to so many people that are just disappointed with the way politics is done in the USA and pretty much all around the world.

I dont know how much chance he has to get to win this elections. I just dont think the USA's corporations are willing to accept such a candidate as president, or that the people is mature enough to take a decision based on their own opinions (without getting so influenced by the media), or to elect someone who because of the peace he embraces in all matters of his life (including his eating habits), may not seem "strong" enough to govern the USA.

But just seeing him there, gives me hope that people is actually realizing that politics dont have to be the same as always, and that there is people out there representing the so called "alternative" ideas. Which we are starting to see, more than "alternative" are plain simple and logic, when you think about the people, the environment, and life itself, and not the profits and the big corporations.

Dennis Kucinich '08


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