Hoppy Bday to me~

My bday has already finished here in Japan, but I still have 13 hours left in Colombia :)

This weekend I just got to think, hear, realize, doubt, learn, talk, rethink, notice, feel... so many things right now I am having a very hard time trying to organize my mind.

But I just want to say how happy and thankful I feel for having (so many) so special persons around me. It is just actually overwhelming to realize all the people I have met in this 21 years., all the things I have lived with them, but specially all I mean for them and all they mean for me.
I really wonder if I deserve so much, and if I really can give back (and forward) all what I have received. I really dont think I can even get close.

Thank you so much for everything, every person, every animal I have (and haven't) had a connection with, every moment, every feeling, every smile... all the little details that make life great.


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