Down with capitalism, Long live the worms!

Yeap, just like that... long live the worms, and naturalism~
why? well... simple. Cause if there is no worms, there is no fertile soil, if there is no fertile soil, there is no vegetables, and if there is no vegetables there is no food... and yeap, we cannot eat money, our new jacket, or our new tv, that's why.

So, yesterday I went to this "talk" by Satish Kumar about "Soil and Peace's GNH" Even when I hadnt hear about him before, it was great to hear him talking about how everyone should become an artist, and enjoy their lives without worrying so much about work and money. About how society, by being dominated by the science, technology, money and economy that was supposed to help us find our goal: happiness, has forgotten that end, and lost its true potential. About how we have being pursuing "economy" (management of our home) without trying to actually know, understand and enjoy what nature has to give us, or in other words, without thinking about "ecology" (knowledge of our home/earth). When it is certainly more important to get to know your home if you want to actually manage it without destroying it.

He also talked about the myth of "land ownership", and how because of capitalism we have got to try to "own" everything, but we have forgotten about our actual "relationship" with friends, family, animals, soil, earth. He also talked about "economic growth" (which obviously by itself is not enough, and certainly it doesnt bring justice nor equity) vs "spirtitual growth". He also talked about food and energy security, about Japanese Article 9, Peace among many other things.
He seems to be a really wise person, and i'm really enjoying his autobiography "No Destination", which has also remind me about reading Gandhi's autobiography (among others)... and has made me think about new ideas, and remind of things I had already in my mind. Which I will have to digest during my free time, now that I have lots of it.

And well, for now, I just ask you to think about these things by yourselves, and please go this webpage to show your support for Japanese Article 9 renouncing war as a means of settling disputes, so that it is not the Japanese constitution the one that has to change, but all the other countries the ones that should create a similar article in their own constitution~


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