BPE - Austria (+ Neuwastein Castle)

Sept 2

After a night of rest in the hotel, and an early walk around town watching sheep, we met with Libor and Heidi for a one day tour towards Neuwastein Castle. On the way we went up this really crazy road that was kind of carved into the mountain's side with a great view of the valley down below. After going up we stopped at Lech, the royal winter resort town where all the European families spend their winter holydays... A really nice town in summer!
We went our way, ate lunch at an Italian restaurant, watched a caravan of very old trucks, and then arrived to Neuwastein Castle, which is supposed to be the inspiration behing Disney's castle~ so see by yourselves!
After that we went back towards their place and our camping site in Switzerland running at about 180 kmh along german highways... if it wasnt because I could see the car's board, I would never imagine how fast we were running, the ride was so soft, and the few cars around were driving pretty much at the same speed!


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