BPE - Konstanz

I'll definitely never finish the BPE (Backpacking Europe) posts... so I'll be very lazy and just paste some pics. cause I still have Taiwan's trip to post about, and soon I'll be back in Colombia and all around North America's west coast (and not so coast...)

Sept 1

After leaving my brother's place at Offenburg we head south to Konstanz to visit the flower garden at Meinau Island full of beautiful flowers, a giant gnome and bird, and some really nice sculptures. After a short walk around the gardens we continue our way to Lindau, were we met Libor, our father's Austrian friend who had invite us for dinner and a day trip around west Austria. We went to his place on the bottom of the alps, with a great view of some of the mountains, and had a very nice veggie dinner prepared by his wife, Heidi, and then had a nice chat in the "winter garden" under the light of candles. They were really special with us, and it definitely didnt feel like it was the first time we met them, its always great to meet people you can feel like that. After dinner we went to the hotel he had book for us, with a spectacular view of the snowy peaks, and really comfortable beds! :)


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