Back in Japan

Well, finally I have overcome the jetlag, and get ready to life in Japan again. Actually today after finishing the internship at ECOPLUS, I decided to take a walk around, and end up at the temple near Tokyo Tower, were I welcomed the year 2007 with my mum and friends, and somehow it made me realize I was "back in Japan". Not really sure if it was in a simple "wow, I am back in Japan" kind of way, a more cheerful "yay, I am back in Japan" or a more dreadful "what am I doing back in Japan" kind of way, but anyhow, it was a moment that made me think about the fact that I am back in Japan. Back to trains full of people, people avoiding to look at each other, publicity all around me, vegetable sushi and breads that somehow manage to have chicken or pig ingredients in them, back to scheduling one month in advance, talking a language that doesnt allow you to communicate all your feelings and going far from your house just to find a park with some grass and trees in it where to have a peaceful moment.

I guess it will take me sometime, meeting some friends, and going back to some of my favorite places, and eating some nice food, to feel better and happy of being back in Japan. I mean, I guess I am already, but it is just what I was thinking today.


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