Global Festa

Well, just like I wrote in the last post it would only take a couple of days for me overcome the "back in Japan" crisis, and get back to the fun, and appreciate how much I enjoy it here. School has already started, but last week we didnt really do much, anyhow I am just taking 10 credits
this semester, which means I only have to go there monday, tuesday and (just because 2 days is too few) friday.
On Saturday I went to work as tutor at the science class for kids nearby my university, which is always something I enjoy lots. It was really amazing though that after almost 3 months not going there the kids still remembered us, and this kid who always likes to play with us after the class finish, came to say hi, and the first thing he asks me is "have you buy a TV already?" Yeap, I really didnt know what to say... but it made me feel welcome. :)

After finishing work, I headed to Tokyo to meet Yuri at the Global Festa in Hibiya Park. It was this really nice festival with many NGO's and embassy stands, and food from every corner of the world. I had a really nice time chatting with people from Oxfam which is just starting here in Japan, and I decided I will participate in next year's Trailwalker. And also had a really nice chat with a Canadian Architect working with Habitat for Humanity, who got me really interested in their projects, and made me think about my thesis. Other than that there was so many stands and so many interesting things, so many things I want to get involved, but in the end there is only a small bit that you can do.

From there I headed to Inage, to my old dormitory. I hadnt been there since really long time ago, so it was really great to meet Javier, Jose, Fran, Ahmed, Louay, Angel, Antonio and meet some other people, and had a lots of laughs together. Definitely that's probably what latin-american people do better... joking and laughing.

Sunday I spent the morning cleaning my room, washing clothes, buying food, and then headed to the CouchSurfing gathering at Shibuya. One of the many amazing things about CSing is that everytime you dont really know what to expect from the people you will be meeting. They always have amazing backgrounds, great stories, experiences, and things to share. And they are always so friendly, open-minded, and easy-going. So there I was in Hachiko, meeting great people and starting a great night. After going for some food, and waiting for other members who joined later on, we headed to Shinjuku's Nichome, the gay area in Tokyo, to meet other CSers, have some drinks, and of course for some dancing and fun. After having a "beer blast" (all the beer you want from 7 to 9 pm for 1000 yen) and getting to know more about everyone, some went back, and we headed to Artys for a all-nighter of clubbing~ Definitely Artys is the best club ever, its so small, but the people is so friendly, and the music is great.


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