BPE - Offenburg & Black Forest

Wow, I had forgotten about my BPE (Backpacking Europe) posts... So now I have to go back 6 months in time, and start off from Offenburg, Germany, where we went after meeting my brother and my cousin in Heidelberg.

Aug 28~31
Offenburg is a really nice city (town?), with nice pedestrian streets, a nice market, and beautiful countryside at a walk distance. The best attraction is probably all the wineries where you can go for a walk and eat all the grapes you want (you are just not allowed to take them back with you, but if you eat them while you are there... no prob! (at least that was what our brother told us... :p)).
We stayed here in Offenburg for around 4 days, at our brother's apartment, taking a holyday from our travel holyday, sleeping in a nice bed, cooking and eating nice warm food, walking around, and preparing ourselves for the rest of our trip heading south to Switzerland, Italy and Spain. Also while being here, we got an email from my dad telling us about an Austrian friend who wanted to meet us, and show us around, so even when we had no plans to go to Austria we were able to go to Austria's western region as well! :) and we also got in touch with an Italian friend who invited us to stay with his family. Yay! :D

Offenburg's pets... these were lovely crows, you can turn them around and all. Not like the noisy messy ones here in Japan. :>
Even in such a small city (town?) they had a vegetarian, organic supermarket with a fridge full of tofu, soy cheese, soy yogurt, vegan raviolis!!!, fake meats, burgers, sausages... wonderful! :p and even now many people think vegetarians can only it salads!?!?
I want to have a supermarket like this wherever I go! :p But for now fresh vegetables and fruits will do it~

Open air museum showing old houses from all around the Black Forest in the same place. Below, a town famous for its cuckoo clocks~ Lots of them!

Taking a walk around the countryside... there were apple trees everywhere, lots of grapes, and other crops
free food and free dinner :p including 2 delicious sheaves of corn. (is this the right way of counting corn in english?)


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