Kansai trip~

...once again by myself in my room. A little bit lonely but still I really like my room a lot. The sun coming in through the window in the mornings, my bed up in the loft, sitting out in the small terrace to take the sun and hear the birds (not very nice view though :s haha), my fridge with the "I'm not a nugget" poster in it, and the nice food I cook in my small kitchen... and its much nicer now with all the things my mom brought with her, and with a comfortable chair to sit down and write in the computer (that she made me buy... :p). Its a good place to be myself, to receive visits, to eat, or just to sleep. Not the same as the dorm with people around you, but still good enough! (and bigger... :p) soon it will be already one year since I moved in here. Time definitely goes by so fast...

Here you have some pics from my trip to Kansai with my mom~My first real ride in Shinkansen (well actually my second, but the first one was just for one station so it doesnt count :p) Its way too expensive, but its just wonderful to be in Nagoya in a little longer than an hour. Below, my mom trying a Noh's mask in a the Noh Theatre in Nagoya.

Eiga-mura in Kyoto, a replica of an Edo period Japanese city, where they film most of the historical dramas, or commercials of Japan. A nice place to have fun... it was a shame it was raining that day.

Arashiyama. I had only been there in the fall my first year when I was studying in Osaka. Nice memories~ and new places to see.

Kinkakuji (Up - Golden Temple), Ginkakuji (Below - Silver Temple) and Kiyomizudera (Further down - It's actually nominated for the new 7 wonders of the world...). The Golden Temple is much more famous, but I loved the view from the top of the Silver Temple, and the Philosopher's path on the foot of the mountain, its a great place for a walk! I end up really liking Kyoto after this trip.

Nice veggie food...
More nice veggie food (Vegan 生春巻き & Vegan Hamburger Set)...
And what better than nice vegan cake~
...and vegan strawberry Ice-cream!!!
I really loved this place! "Hoping that someday all Creatures can live in Peace!" By Peace Cafe in Kyoto!!!
(and hoping someday I can have my own vegan restaurant!!! :p)

We entered the Old Imperial Palace in Kyoto (Japanese people need to book like one month before but foreigners can go the same day and book the free tour! :) and walked along Kyoto's river, and surfed with the turtles~ :p

We stayed two nights in Kyoto at the Japanese Environmental Exchange office~ A wonderful experience, it was a pity I didn't had chance to talk more with the people working there, but I'l certainly go to visit again~ Thanks Michi! and Jane for telling me about it~


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