Franco un-american - NOFX

Yesterday I got an email from a friend asking me again if I could help out at a punk concert handing out PETA leaflets this Sunday cause NOFX a PETA supporter band is coming. Unluckily, I am joining other Capeoristas for hanami so I cannot go, but I was checking the band's music and I found this video I thought was interesting so I just thought I would post it. I've got to say I like USA as a country, I like American TV, many of its products, and I've met many Americans who are really great people, so no, I'm not anti-American. But there is plenty of things I dont like about the government or the society, and well, sadly about "the majority" of Americans that are pretty much ignorant about everything that happens outside their lives, that voted for Bush and support war in Iraq, creating a wall between Mexico and USA, not supporting any ecological measures, creating laws that make peace and animal rights activist be considered terrorist (the so-called Patriot act), while they are out there looking for oil, killing innocent people, and creating more conflicts between different cultures and religions, among other things... so I thought this was an interesting and somehow funny video made by an American Punk band.
I realized since the last time I went to help out at Frenzal Rhomb's concert that there is a really interesting philisophy behind Punk culture, and even when I dont like most of the punk songs because they are just too loud, there is many ideas which I kind of share.
There is this other song of NOFX called "You're wrong" that even when I think it goes a little too far, by saying simply "you're wrong" which I guess it was just the short way of saying "I think it's not right and you should think about it" and making it fit into a song, and even when I definitely dont share all the ideas they have there I do agree with many of what they say (I feel more close to straight-edge ideals I guess, so I still dont know whether legalizing drugs is really a good option... for now I just know that by using cocaine you are supporting the war and the guerrilla in Colombia and all the suffering it causes to families living in the countryside. And I dont agree with denying all religions, but then they do have a point) Specially when you see all these extremist Christians in the TV talking all this crazy things against evolution, against other religions, against LGBT's, that is just amazing that they can be so convinced about their interpretation of the bible, and have so much hate for other humans. And the fact that they seem to be becoming the leading force inside the Republican party is just scary~ (and yeah I really wonder why I know so much about USA politics, but hey, it is the country that turns the whole world around, so yeah I think it is important to know more about it, and I'm not sure all the info I know is correct so please correct me if I'm wrong...)


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