BPE - Belgium

Aug 21-22...
After a lot of rain during our stay in Paris, we had to wake up really early (still dark), clean the tent, pack our things, and head to the terminal to take the bus to Brussels. Where the weather was still not helping us... we had a really nice lunch after buying a just baked Moroccan bread with corn in it (yummy!), and (canned) stuffed tomatoes (from UAE).
We continued our way to the center of the city and the plaza, but we were completely wet by the time we reach the plaza, We were planning of going on our way that day, but we decided to stay at a hostel, and let our clothes and things dry.

The next day we took the train toward the north of Brussels to see the Atom building, take capoeristic pictures, and then take our way (hitching) towards Netherlands...
We got a ride from a man from Yugoslavia who couldnt speak English... :s he tooks us to Antwerp, but then he dropped us in the middle of the highway... where the cars and trucks went really fast and would never stop... :s so we had to walk up to the road, and then start walking through parks for quite a long time, until we got to a road that lead to Holland, and after some time waiting a woman picked us up, and dropped us at Breda, in the south of Holland (it so amazing that you can go from one country to another and not even notice the border!!!) where we decided to pitch our tent in a small park... and be part of the neighborhood for one night. ;)


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