BPE - Bremen

Aug 25~26...
The musicians of Bremen! It is one of those images that had been in my mind since I was a child and I saw the pictures of the time when my family lived in Germany for two years before I was born... really!

So, after leaving Amsterdam... by train (we actually tried hitching for around an hour, but we were in the center of the city, and it started to rain, so not good conditions for getting a lift...), we got to Bremen, where we stayed at the Galleti's place where my sister had stayed for a month to study German...
We got there around 10 pm but no one was there... the mother and the kids were travelling, and the father was still working... :s we waited for some time, went to eat at a Turkish restaurant a falafel roll :p , and went back and still no-one there... so, we decided to stay in the back of the house as it was cold, and then my sister remembered about some key they keeped in somewhere, and when we looked for it, it was there... we were in another person's house, no-one inside, but we had the keys, and it was cold and late... so, even when my sister didnt really want to, we entered the house, and went to sleep at the room my sister had been sleeping at... and wake up next morning to say hi to Angelo! :p ok, he knew we were coming so he wasnt so shock, but we had forgotten to close the back door, so he kind of suspected something had happened during the night... :s :p

Next day, we went around Bremen, the Schnoor (a really nice place with small streets), visited the musicians, asked for a wish, and then went around the city (town?) by bike... They had this island in the middle of the city where they divided the land into small "gardens" were people grow vegetables, fruits, or simply spend their free time... that was quite peculiar...

this is a really nice fountain... bottom~dogs, middle~horses, top~birds


Anonymous said…
Hola Juan Carlos! Me encantó recibir nuevas tuyas y recordar mis tiempos "viejos" en Deutschland con los Bremer Schweinen. Se vé que estas gozando tu experiencia al máximo. Otro año feliz para tí!

Walter Martínez
arquitecto paisajista

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