Please watch the first 10 minutes of this movie (until the 1st Part - Pets)... and when you have time please watch all of it (90 minutes)...

So, yesterday I watched part of this movie, I hadn't see videos about Factory farms, or fur, since quite a long time ago (maybe 6 months), and I was thinking that I didnt really want to see it anymore, but yesterday I just felt that I needed to...

I guess after going travelling, having fun, and all, I could see why so many people just tend to ignore cruelty towards animals... I mean you dont see anything like that when you go out... you dont need to go to a slaughterhouse when you buy meat, and you dont need to go pass factory farms on your way to school, or watch how animals are raised and kill for fur before you buy a fur jacket or anything... and even when you can imagine that it must be terrible and cruel, you just dont want to know... why bother?

I guess I needed to understand this, because after watching this things for the first time I was so shocked, and felt so sad and mad with the whole system that sometimes I forgot the most important thing... people dont know this, and havent seen it. They dont continue to eat meat because they dont care and they want to torture animals, we simply were raised doing this, and thinking of it as normal, and somehow we think it cant be so bad, and it is necessary so there is nothing we can do about it. and more than anything, we think it is troublesome and difficult to do something to stop this cruelty, either eating less animal products, or becominng veg.

Watching this movie again made me realize many things, and the importance of people watching by themselves the way animals are treated... and question their own prejudices.


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